MAGNUM CAP’s goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to the adoption of clean energies, in particular the adoption of renewable and clean energy in transportation, by developing smart charging solutions, energy storage devices and renewables integration, for the efficient use of energy and intelligent charging of electric vehicles.


Be worldwide recognized by its knowledge and smart solutions, but also by its people and their attitude to surpass customer expectations and passion to promote the adoption of efficient and renewable energy.


  • Total Satisfaction: Working so that our activities exceed the costumers, patners, shareholders and employees expectations
  • Quality and Inovation: Attending reliably, affordably, safely and at the right time to customer needs. Develop products of high quality standards and highly reliable. Continually focusing on developing new products and solutions in order to anticipate customer needs. Using an appealing design on all products manufactured.
  • Continuous Development: Promote continuous evolution, personal and professional, of people. Recognize that people are important to the success of the company and quality of services and products developed.
  • Commitment to Objectives: Act in a responsible and conscious way that the participation of each is fundamental to the business success and to achieve the objectives established.
  • Sustainability: Satisfy the actual needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs.