About Us

Company Summary: An Electronics Technology company

Who We Are ?

MAGNUM CAP is a company focused on developing electronic equipment for energy management, controlling and distribution, being it’s current main focus the manufacturing of EV charging systems.

The electric vehicle is a reality

The electric vehicle (EV) has a greater likelihood of success and will have a transformative effect on driving habits as well as the automotive and electric power industries. Automakers are planning to produce hundreds of thousands of vehicles per year that plug in starting in 2012. According to Pike Research forecasts, by 2015 more than 1 million plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and EVs will be sold annually around the world, and during that year, more than 3 million EVs sold to date will be plugging in to recharge their batteries.

MAGNUM CAP was created to simplify the usability of electric vehicles

by developing safety reliable charging technologies, being a leader on developing technologies and applications to receive electric vehicles, focused on developing charging systems, energy storage capacity and low impact of vehicle to grid interfaces.

MAGNUM CAP creates and develops charging solutions

for a reliable, easy to use and secure day to day use of battery based electric vehicles, by taking advantage of renewable energies and preserving electric grid.

Since its creation the company is an active and collaborative partner of the MOBI.E program involved in the development and definition of network and charging systems standardization and procedures towards and integrated and open EV charging network infrastructure.

Manufactured electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) are network enabled and managed via information technology (IT) and communication systems, allowing for future smart integrations by aggregating power demand and enabling a coordinated response to changing grid conditions.

MAGNUM CAP products include a One-stop shop offering for entire range of charging station set-up, including:

About the Group

MAGNUM CAP began its activity in the energy and electric mobility engineering sector. As part of the Martifer group, complements its business around Energy Equipment and step towards a better and renewable energy production and utilization through the electric vehicles.

Within Martifer / Prio Energy group, MAGNUM CAP aims to provide an environment for collaborative discussion and innovation around the Electric Mobility area were several important stakeholders are present in the creation, learning and improvement development processes. Specialized in the development of EV charging equipment, MAGNUM CAP benefits all the knowledge and experiences inside the group and the entire existing cluster around renewable energy production, energy supplier for the electric mobility and charging systems operation, trough Martifer and Prio, being all companies within the same group.

Company Co-financed Projects

QREN: New Park Charge Solutions (I&DT)

QREN: Park Charge Project (SI Inovação)